12 common reasons behind hair fall
12 common causes behind hair fall

Hair fall is more common in men than in women, but that is not to say that women do not experience the problem at all. There could be several reasons for falling hair, including deficiencies in certain proteins or vitamins, but there could be several other factors, such as: 12 common causes behind hair fall are as follows:

(1) Bodily Stress or Disease:

Surgery, car accidents, serious illness and sometimes even the common cold can result in temporary or hair loss. If you are undergoing major trauma, this can affect your hair’s nourishment which in turn accelerates the rate of hair fall.

(2) Excess of vitamin A:

Studies have shown that an excess of vitamin A can also accelerate the rate of hair fall. If you find out that this is the reason, you can cure the problem by giving up vitamin A completely till such time as the problem is resolved. Consult a qualified physician or nutritionist to determine the correct doses for you.

(3) Protein Deficiency:

If you are not getting an adequate intake of protein, your body will ensure you get the required amount by reducing the supply to your hair which in turn can increase hair fall.

(4) Depression:

Depression caused by the loss of a job or the illness or death of a loved one too can increase the rate of hair fall.

(5) Iron deficiency:

Anemia, or iron deficiency in the blood, can lead to hair fall. The condition is diagnosed through a blood test and may be rectified with the help of doctor-prescribed iron supplements.

(6) Deficiency of Vitamin B:

Like anemia, a deficiency of vitamin B too can help contribute to hair fall. It can be cured either through vitamin supplements or by eating foods that are rich in vitamin B.

(7) Huge reductions in weight:

When you lose large amounts of weight too quickly, your body may hold on to whatever nourishment you are getting by depriving your hair of it. This results in hair fall. Research however has found that this condition may be reversed within six months through a balanced diet.

(8) Tuberculosis:

When you suffer from a condition such as tuberculosis, your immune system attacks your hair believing it to be disease-causing cells. This can result in incurable permanent baldness.

(9) Sleeping Pills and Anti-depressants:

Any medication with blood thinning properties has he side effect of hair fall, the biggest culprit being blood pressure medication. Consult your doctor to discuss any changes in medication.

(10) Too much Hair Styling:

The chemicals used in hair products may damage the texture of your hair resulting in breakage.

(11) Scratching your Head too much:

Scratching your head often can result in hair being loosened from the roots resulting in hair fall.

(12) Aging:

With age your hair follicles become weak and loosen their grip on your hair. This results in your hair falling out from its roots. It is impossible to reverse age related hair fall except through surgeries and transplants.

To find out which of these apply to you, consult a trusted physician.