More than 200 Muslim Employees in US Company Fired After Dispute Over Prayer Timings

A meat packaging plant in the United States has fired close to 200 Muslim employees after they entered into a dispute over offering their prayers during work timings and went on strike.

The workers felt that their prayer timings were not being accommodated adequately at Cargill Meat Solutions in Colorado, and staged a walkout as a result.

The Telegraph notes that the workers claim that there has been a change in the policy, even though Cargill Meat Solutions has been providing a designated area for Muslims to pray since 2009.

A spokesperson for the council said that the only issue these employees had was that they were missing their prayers, and believed it to be worse than losing their job. CAIR also added that the employees had been told that they would be sent home if they insisted on their right to pray. Cargill Meat Solutions on the other hand claims that their policy has never been changed and that this is only a misunderstanding.

Plant managers did meet with union leaders in an attempt to resolve the issue, but failed. Workers were told that they would be terminated if they continued with their strike – but 200 of them kept it up and were terminated.