25 year boy got jailed on a Facebook post

Pakistan is an ideological country where religion has much importance in life. Many of the attacks and chaos in Pakistan is based on the religion and in the country where such importance is given to the country a boy who is just 25 has uploaded a status on social media site named as Facebook and got jailed.

A 25 year old Rizwan Haider lived in Lahore was summoned by the anti-terrorism court has put three charges on him which include sectarian hatred because he posted a post regarding Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Rizwan Haider has denied all the charges and he did not posted it he just liked the page on Facebook said by Shameen Zaidi.

In Pakistan there is a big conflict between Shia and Sunni but this has resolved by many years, this guy Rizwan Haider is Shia by his believes and has posted many unethical statements on Facebook.

Anti-terrorist strategy in Pakistan has become very active after the attack on school in Peshawar and they have lost life of small and innocent children on the bases of religious fight, they have also arrested several other persons that are working on this platform and to make piece in the country.