30 Killed at IRAQ Football Match

Suicide bombing is becoming trend of new war in the nations as this is the easy way of killing people. All the mind washed persons are doing this kind of attacks all around the globe.

Same happened in Iraq suicide bomber have blown himself in a crowd on Friday after the football match in Baghdad. 30 people have died in the attack according to the police report. Trophy was just being handed to the winner as the bomber blew himself in the crowd.

Police have reported more than 65 people wounded in the blast, medics in the Iskandariya have told AFP that attack took place around 7:00 pm. Mayor of the city have died in the attack and the Islamic state group has taken the responsibility of the attack.

Iskandariya has been the place of war as the civilians are Shia and Sunni and they have made violence in the name of superiority.