47 individuals executed for terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Shia scholar and 46 other people involved in terrorism and crimes against the state were executed.

According to a statement issued by the Saudi interior ministry, the executed individuals were terrorists who had been trying to incite anarchy. All 48 people executed hailed from different regions of the country, and had been arrested due to their involvement in various acts of terrorism and crimes against the state. According to The Guardian, one of the executed terrorists was a Shia scholar.

These individuals were found to have been involved in various attacks orchestrated by Al Qaeda. Out of these, 45 of the executed were Saudi citizens whereas one was from Egypt, and another from Chad.

It should be mentioned that after the execution of the Shia scholar, Iran has threatened Saudi Arabia with dire consequences. In October 2015, his appeal had been rejected by a Saudi court after he was arrested following protests for democracy in the kingdom.