23. Vintage Money Clip

Superman Money clips

Nothing is better to gift your man a dream Superman Money clips. It is a very good gift for your boyfriend to put his cash in a vintage way. It will also help him to remember the place of cash as the superman will be his reference point. It is also not that expensive.

24. Cufflinks


There are super literary cufflinks available for just $25 on the jezebelcharms.etsy.com. They are not that expensive plus they are very good looking. Guys like such unique type of things to put on. They are not shiny but a sober piece of cufflink to put on. There are options to select the writings on those cufflinks.

25. Barbecue Kit

Barbecue Kit

A lot of guys love to make barbecue and I am quite confident that this unique Barbecue briefcase will surely impress your boyfriend. It is a portable briefcase which you can easily carry to any place. Your boyfriend will surely like it and cooks a delicious meal on it. You can get it within the range of 100 dollars.

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