6 Suspects Detained For Brussels Attack

On Thursday, six people got arrested in relation to the recent bombings in the Brussels. They got detained within the city as the police raids in. More than 30 people have died and the security forces are in the action to prevent further attacks of such. Three amongst those six, were arrested right in front of the federal prosecution office. While the two were captured from the other parts of Brussels. The sixth one was caught from the Jette, a municipal of the city.

The city of Brussels is actually the place where the Headquarters of Nato and European Union are located. They are still contemplating on the attacks conducted by the ISIS or ISIL. These attacks were executed on the two busy spots, the airport and the metro station. These attacks are just an indication to the fact that the entire Europe is on the target of terrorists. Some months ago, Paris attacks were held to warn the continent. People are scared now as the entire Europe is exposed to some sort of attack. No place is safe specially the busy public places. Investigations are underway and more people are expected to take in the custody to further control the situation.