70’s Drama Back on the Screen TUM KON PIYA

New TV drama TUM KON PIYA is an old drama series of 70’s which is done by the new cast. The new cast has Ayeza khan who was out of the screen for some time after Pyaray Afzal because of her personal reasons. This drama has become the talking para of many before its arrival on the TV show. She is working in a pair with Imran abbas.

This series is desi story which shows the interest of love between them and off course the forces to tear them apart. In the drama Ayeza khan’s  named as ELMA. She is fond of poetry and doing all house hold stuffs.

She is eldest sister among the three motherless family and a knocking dad. As a eldest she has all the responsibility and dad wants her to teach the other two some wickedness.

The story is old and the based on the novel of maha Malik so the viewer will probably know the story, which goes like the rich boy getting in love with poor girl. And obviously many are against their love and marriage. There is another track in the story include the home of Sharafat khala.