71 People Died From Northern Pakistan Heavy Rains

Pakistan is not a rain resistant country as many people displaces every year when rainy season comes in. This time, around 71 people have lost their lives fighting against this heavy rainfall. These deaths are associated from the northern region of Pakistan mainly from Kashmir and other areas. Still many people are stuck in those areas seeking for help. Rescuers are trying their best to evacuate as many people as possible to restrict this death toll figure.

In addition to that, 10 people also lost their precious lives after the land sliding in KPK province as dozens of roofs were grounded.

A member of local disaster authority has claimed that around 61 people are dead in the northwestern region as more than 300 houses are damaged.

In Kohistan, more than 30 people are stuck due to the heavy land sliding and they are seeking for a miracle that can rescue them.

Many tourists in Kashmir are also stuck as the authorities are evacuating the area. 10 people have also lost their lives in that area as well.

People are suffering from this rain as children are sleeping in the open sky. No food supplies are there as they are alone.