8 Super-Hot plus sized Models

Fashion modeling is not confined or restricted to the models that have the perfectly lean body, but not it has expanded to the women who are not ashamed of their extended body size. The Plus Size is the new niche in the fashion trends. New inductions are going on by the fashion houses to include the super sexy plus size models. Many new and old brands are adding their stock with the plus size apparels and outfits. Humongous bodies are now being appreciated as they are appearing in the ads. Here are the top 8 super sexy plus size models that are quite famous.

(1) Kate Upton:

Kate Upton

According to her, she can keep healthy and lean but one thing that she can’t change without any unnatural way, is her breast size. She appreciates her body shape and thanks to God for giving her that type of body. She has become an icon in the fashion n modeling business and recognized as a decorated diva in this field. She has a believe that a girl should never be ashamed of her curves and should show it to the people without any hesitation. Although, she is listed in a plus size model, she works out daily.

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