A Boy from Mansehra, Gang Raped

The incident took place within the are limits of the Shinkiari Police Station in the city Mansehra. It was a 14 year old boy who was gang raped by the 3 individuals. Those men were not normal as they recorded the video of their horrible act and then posted it online, on Monday, claimed by the Police.

Medical Reports told the exact story that the boy was raped. According to the boy Haroon, who was the victim, whilst he was returning to his home from school near Dadar Village, three men reached him and abducted him. He told the names of those men are as Ishfaq, Banaras and Shah Zeb.

The incident took place in the forest near the Dadar Village where these three men molested and raped him one by one and then filmed it. Not just that the accused men threatened him and even blackmailed him for the cash and the jewelry against the threat of uploading the video and also would kill him.

The father of the victim was acknowledged about the incident after the neighbors told him about the video on the social media site.

A legal criminal case has been filed against the accused persons under the section 337, 335, 292/34. They are actually the Pakistan Penal Code.