Legend & Humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi (1965–2016): There is no religion above humanity and the basis of every religion is helping your fellow people in their time of distress and need.

As children, we have heard and read many fables with a moral about being virtuous at the end of each story. One of the stories that comes to mind when we read about Edhi sahab is that of Robin Hood. Robin Hood was a supposed bandit who used to steal from the corrupt blood sucking rulers and give it back to the society.

Pakistani man Abdul Sattar Edhi, The founder of The Edhi Charity Foundation

The scales of balance between the rich and poor of our society have always been weighing heavy at the wrong end. This increase in the gap between the two is nothing but a depiction of the injustice and corruption prevalent in our society.

Abdul Sattar Edhi observed the pain suffered by many and considered it as his pain. He took it upon himself to eradicate the suffering that exists in our society and was reborn as the greatest philanthropist of the century and was admired by many. He changed the whole course of the ways of charity in Pakistan and even internationally.

Abdul Sattar Edhi – Simple Beginnings of a Humanitarian

Born in the small town of Bantva , in the Indian state of Gujarat , the humanitarian patron in Abdul Sattar Edhi started as part of a minor service, a small dispensary in his local town to help the ill in their time of need. Over time, his dispensary led him to build the basis of his  welfare. After migrating to Pakistan , he continued his services and also started his own maternity home for the adoption and safety of abandoned babies in Karachi.

Abdul Sattar EDhi

Once his welfare got a kick and was running in its full form Abdul Sattar Edhi married “Bilquis”, one of the nurses working in his own welfare trust. Mrs.Bilquis Edhi proved to be a true companion to Abdul Sattar Edhi, and a perfect balance to his personal and professional life. It was from here that everything exalted and his welfare turned into a “foundation”and then a home for many.

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi have given their names to more than 20,000 orphan children and officially the documents of these kids states that their parents are the famous Edhi couple.

Abdul Sattar Edhi, Known As 'Pakistan's Mother

A Passionate & Dedicated Soul

Edhi has literally given life to the dead through his services. He has healed the sick, given his shelter of love and compassion to the orphans and widows , aided the poor and is in return cherished by many. There is no one to walk the earth the way this esteemed man did.He taught us how an ordinary man can changed the course of the world through his love for humanity, passion and dedication.

His personal life was also a paradigm of the ideology he held. “The richest poor man alive” and the “angel of mercy” are the perfect titles given to this honorary yet simple man. Giving a peek to his private life, he was purely content with just two sets of clothes. He slept on the floor in the windowless room that consisted of a sink, bed and a stove all in the same room next to the office of his charitable empire.

Giving a closer look to his services , the ever expanding Edhi Foundation managed to established over 250 centers and over 300 volunteers that provided free of cost health and mental services through hospitals and dispensaries , rehabilitation for the drug addicts and handicapped, family planning and counseling services, maternity and adoption services, national and international relief efforts for the victims of natural calamities..

A few prestigious recognition’s to his name local and international include:

-First and foremost the Largest Voluntary Ambulance Organization of the World by Guiness Book of World Records , 2000.

-The Lenin Peace Prize , a Russian honor equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize for his services in the Armenian earthquake disaster.

-International Balzan Prize for Humanity , Peace and Brotherhood from Italy for his services and achievements and the field of humanities , natural science and culture.

-Hamdan Award for volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services , U.A.E.

-The highest national civil honor bestowed upon any Pakistani civilian , the “Nishan-e-Imtiaz” from Government of Pakistan in 1989.

-The Social Worker of Sub Continent by Government of Sindh, 1989.

-Shield of Honor by Pakistan Army.

-Honorary Doctorate Degree by Institute of Business Administration 2006.

Esteemed Services & Achievements

Some of his achievements in the arena of public service include establishing the largest fleet of Air and Field Voluntary Ambulance Service, “jhoolas” for abandoned babies, “Apna Ghar” for the mentally ill and runaways, welfare Centers of the Foundation to extend financial support to needy persons, Blood and drug bank, cancer research and treatment facilities, missing person service, shelters for animals and graveyard services and many more achievements to his name.

The branches of Edhi Foundation extends to USA, U.A.E, England, Japan, Bangladesh and Canada. He  has received great charities and used every penny for the goodwill of the needy . He never accepted charity from superior political personalities if they had a demand in return so that he could maintain his position as the slave of the people instead of a slave of our corrupt leaders.

As an honor to this great personality, 8th July 2016, the day the Father of humanity died has been commemorated as ‘World Charity Day’ and the 50 Rs coin has been given the face of this remarkable man.

Edhi’s death does not require mourning as his life should be celebrated. His ability to love unconditionally every human being regardless of their race, religion, caste, creed or politics should be cherished. Even as he died, he made sure that his service for humanity doesn’t end and as per his will he donated all his usable organs and gave two blind persons the light to see.

He scraped a charitable empire out of nothing, he was the master mind and sat on the throne of the most successful and one of the largest welfare organization. He was a true born legacy and a national hero. He won the hearts of many. He was Edhi, the one and only Abdul Sattar Edhi!!