Adult Comedies, A New Genre for Bollywood

The recent releases of the adult comedy movies Mastizaade and Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, has proven to the successful launches. Such a lucrative and lusty films are getting very trendy in India and people are buying tickets to experience some sexually explicit content. It is also establishing a point that the Indian Producers are not ashamed of including the adult and vulgar content whilst the demand of such movies are increasing and there is a less opposition than before. People are enjoying it and the trend is increasing. They are now more lean towards such movies because they want something unprecedented and new, instead of that old romantic Bollywood movies.

Sunny Kele

According to the statement of a trade analyst, India has the potential to make more of such sex comedies and the past responses were pointing towards the fact that people are not against such films. He further elaborated that these movies are reaching the international market. He quoted the stats of the movies that were released within the past five years that the chart has shown an increase of revenue and popularity. Till now every aspect regarding these movies are positive, he said. He claimed that future of such movies in India are bright and shiny as there is a segment that appreciate such art.

Sunny Leon Comedy

But on the contrary, India is the same country that is considered as the most addictive towards the pornography. India comes on third of the list for porn consumption. This rate of consumption has the direct relationship with such adult movies and that is the reason, these sex comedies are flourishing and no one is against them. Producers are making most out this addiction and there is a huge market ahead of them to produce more. It is the golden opportunity for them to generate tons of revenue.