Afridi Met with The Sister of Ravina Tandon; Nabeel Gobol1

Before t2o world cup Afridi has given a statement about the atmosphere in the t20 world in India. He said that Indian fans have always given him love and respect then from our home fans in Pakistan.

On his statement many senior cricketers have shown hatred towards Afridi and said that he should take his words back, and he can’t say things like this for their Pakistani fans.

Political leader Nabil Gabol has said that afridi should uses his words with care, his statement has hurt many of his home fans, and those fans that made him boom and given him respect and have made him the captain of Pakistan team. He said that Afridi has met with the sister of Ravina Tandan in India and obviously this is the love he is getting in India. Nabil Gabol said if he is not getting love in Pakistan only he is the reason behind it.