Ali Zafar And Abhishek Bachan Teach Matthew Mcconaughey Thumka Dance

Celebrities all over the world have gathered in an event in Dubai for the global education and skill forum event. All the celebrities were enjoying the event and were dancing taking selfies. These all things were happening when ali Zafar, Abhishek Bachan Matthew Mcconaughey and Salma Hayek have gathered. Other stars including Akshay Kumar, Parineeti chopra were also there in event named as GIRL RISING.

Ali Zafar was the part of the cause and he was asked to perform in the event which did very smoothly and brilliantly and he took the event to next level, all the people present there was following ali Zafar. Ali Zafar has made the moment unforceful by sharing the pictures of the crew on a social media site named as Facebook.

Bollywood Stars Teach Hollywood stars to Thumka Dance

Ali uploaded the status that it is the most prestigious moment of my life with the stars all around the world at global education and skill forum night in Dubai. They were mingling, as like they know each other by centuries.

At the stage Ali Zafar and Abhishek Bachan has fire the crowd and they even taught Matthew Mcconaughey, how shake the body and they were shaking it like in Thumka style. Matthew tries to do Thumka with Parineeti Chopra at the stage while Ali Zafar was showing his talent of singing.

These stars were together at the back stage and Ali Zafar wanted to make the moment, so he took selfie with all of them and everyone tries to fit in the selfie booth.

Ali Zafar And Abhishek Bachan Teach Matthew Mcconaughey Thumka Dance 1

Akshay with Salma Hayak