Altaf Hussain May Be Back in Pakistan; Sources

Recently Mustafa Kamal has returned to Karachi and has announced to start a new political party and has put allegation on altaf Hussain as he is working for Indian intelligence agency RAW. Mustafa Kamal with Anees Kaimkhani has started to-gather people of MQM who have same remarks about the party and Altaf Hussain.

According to the sources; Upon this altaf Hussain has given a orders to the Rabta committee of MQM to made arrangements for his return to Pakistan. Altaf Hussain has political asylum in London for last 10- 20 years, but now he has made a decision to return to his homeland. Establishment has played strong cards against MQM by using Mustafa Kamal and Anees Kaimkhani and now he wanted to rescue his party by coming in the ground words of altaf Hussain, according to the source.

MQM is in great danger of extinction and party has to make some new strategies to pull and to hold their mandate in Karachi. Mustafa Kamal and other former member of MQM is talking against MQM policies.

According to the source, Rabta committee has given Altaf Hussain a brief report on his return to Karachi. On this report there are many factors on which Altaf Hussain should cancel his return to Karachi, upon this report Altaf Hussain said that he has to come abruptly to his city to rescue his party form the situation and to say goodbye to his Political Asylum.

This statement of altaf Hussain has put some curiosity in the MQM and they are considering prone and cons of his return.