Amazing iPhone SE Features. Specs, Price, Disclosed 1

Apple has been in the business of innovation for decades and they are launching their new model this year. People are waiting for the arrival of their new model and are anxious to know about the new features.

Amazing iPhone SE Features. Specs, Price, Disclosed

Apple are launching their two new models named as iPhone pad pro and iPhone SE. New model iPhone SE looks like the previous model of iPhone 5S. This phone has 12 mega pixel camera and the new 4k video recording which is most impressive. The price of this phone is not disclosed yet.

Amazing iPhone SE Features. Specs, Price, Disclosed 2

Apple is announcing their two new models of iPhone pad pro. One model of iPhone pad pro contains 32 GB memory and it will cost $599. This model contain 7X9 dimension screen and can only be operated through Wi-Fi.  Second model contain 128 GB and will be able to connect through LIT cellular network besides Wi-Fi. This model is loaded with A9X processor and its dimension is 12×9 which is pretty big. And this is more expansive that the first one. According to British newspaper new model iPhone SE is the copy of iPhone 5S but with different processor and software up gradation. Date of their arrival is still a mystery as world Is waiting for it.