Amir Khan, Ready to Work with Sunny Leone

After the vicious interview with Sunny Leone by the CNN-IBN interviewer, Amir Khan gives the green signal to work with the ex-porn star. The interviewer particularly asked the refusal of the Amir Khan, which was answered beautifully by Sunny as she is the fan of Amir and will continue to watch his movies no matter what.

Mr. Perfect of the Bollywood showed his respect to the work of Sunny Leone and gave a positive impression to work with her in future. It is quite a dream to work with Amir, by any of the actress and feel proud to add the experience to work with the most talented artist of Bollywood.

Amir Khan clearly made a statement on his Facebook account that he is ready to work with her and he would be a pleasure to work along with her. He also clearly mentioned that he is totally Ok with the past experience of Sunny.