Amir Liaquat to launch his film career

Director Syed Noor’s as yet untitled upcoming film is all set to help televangelist Dr. Aamir Liaquat launch his career in films.

We all know very well the Doc’s penchant for overacting. And in his debut film, he is sticking to his roots. Dr. Liaquat will be playing the lead role in the film, which will mirror his real life profession of a scholar.

According to Syed Noor, Aamir Liaquat is a perfect fit for the role due to his impressive personality and vast knowledge.

Explaining his decision to cast Dr. Liaquat, Syed Noor explained that the screenplay had been written four years ago, but he had been facing casting challenges for the lead role. When he saw Amir Liaquat, he was very impressed by his on-screen persona and decided that that was the person he wanted for his movie. Syed Noor approached Amir Liaquat who agreed to work with him.

Syed Noor more revealed that the movie will be a romance and Saima has been cast as Liaqat’s love interest.

He promised that the film “will be completely different from the movies made in Pakistan and India.”

While set in Pakistan, the movie will also be shot in overseas locales. It is slated for a 2017 make public.