Anti Virus For You in 2016 – With internet being a universal entity and its ever growing number of users , we have seen the development of a whole new world of cyber network. The easy access of web and the growing field of technology has paved way for a lot of brilliant young minds who have been recreating and developing the internet world with their inventions and creations. With a lot of advantages available to the common man one click away , the web has also invited a lot of dangers related to security and cyber crime.

The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2016

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Every click and every page you visit on the internet should be a cautious attempt. Either you choose to download your favorite music or an important software for a school project , everything and anything on the internet carries the risk of hiding some malware or spyware. No document on the web or your computer connected to the web is safe from the hazards of these kind of virus.

The internet has definitely reduced the size of this world to a global village. Just like how its very convenient to socialize with a friend across the world , similarly committing cyber crimes has also been ever so easier. You don’t need to be in a neighborhood with a gun to rob someones house. Now with spywares and all kinds of virus you can enter anybody’s personal computer through the files he may download and get access to any intimate knowledge he may share or save on his computer.

Anti Virus For You in 2016 – To save yourself from the hassle it is much needed to download an anti virus software in your computer. You don’t have to be a professional programmer to be at risk of such kind of virus. Even if you are an amateur with no specific inclination or use of technology a virus can always get its way and the best option always is to be protected rather than having to face any problem later.

avg antivirus

Depending on the usage of its client a lot of different kinds of anti virus software’s have been developed that cater to different requirements according to the need and type of work the user uses his computer for.

For example a common person will only require an anti virus that can repel a Trojan virus intrusion , but a programmer with excessive usage may need more than that. He may need an anti virus software that can provide him with extra security and prevent meddlesome viruses that can expose him to security dangers.

Instead waking up one morning to a virus alert that has got hold of all your personal information and deleted all your files and documents , we would like our readers to be wary of such risks. In this article we are going to list down a number of  anti virus software’s that may have been functioning at different capacities and may cater to different kinds of computer users  but are classified according to their way of execution and test out comes. The basis of classification is as follows:

All the anti virus software’s mentioned in this article went through a few specific tests to get our final verdict and approval. The tests include:
  1. REAL WORLD TEST:  The real world test was done on the Premium Home version of Windows 7 and tested by a software that is commonly used by users. We based our test results on 368 live cases and threatening URLs.
  2. PERFORMANCE TEST: The same system is used in performance tests. SSD drives are used to provide a better reflection of the effect of each software. During the tests, file copying, installation, launch and download speeds are used as a benchmark. PC Mark is also used to get an accurate measure of the antivirus’ burden on the PC.
  3. FILE DETECTION TEST:  For this test Windows 10  64 bit was used  , also  we tested 163,763 malware samples.  The objective of this test was to see the ability of an antivirus software to detect malicious files downloaded or any file infected by a virus.
  4. FALSE ALARM TEST: This test was important to know the number of false positives detected. False positives mean any file that may not have an infection but the antivirus software assumes it is infected with virus and marks it positive.


Windows Defender

Windows 7 and up , all Windows offer protection by default. Windows Defender is an inbuilt software to offer you some kind of security but it is not sufficient enough.

In real protection test it came out to be last among all too and free anti virus, scaring of only 91 percent of malware.

In terms of File Detection and False Positive test it came out to be second last. It failed to detect 2600 infected files.

Also its speed turned out to be second last among all available antivirus software’s.

Kapersky vs Avira – The former a Better Solution

Kaspersky Anitvirus

So far, Avira has outnumbered every competitive antivirus software’s in terms of scores based on the classification above. It is the top free antivirus although the free version excludes a few features such as firewall , spam filters and etc. It also leads the race in file detection test and performance.But it detecting least number of False Positives it did’nt even make it to the Top 3.

Avira Antivirus Although in first 3 tests , Kapersky gave results that were equally competitive with Avira except for the number of False Positives it detected was nearly 0. Therefore in terms of best solution in terms of performance and evaluation our verdict is that Kapersky Internet 2016 appears to be the best antivirus software.

Alternative Solution (Bitdefender Internet Security 2016)

Anti Virus For You in 2016 – Although in terms of first 3 tests Bit-defender appears to have tied with Avira but its False Positives were lesser than Avira therefore a comparatively better solution.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

In conclusion our verdict would be that Kapersky should be the foremost option for any individual Although Avira is the top antivirus solution downloaded due to its free availability over the internet, Bitdefender is also another option that cannot be unforeseen and has slight better features than Avira.