Anushka Sharma and Aliya Bhat speak in favor of Sunny Leone

In reaction of the interview that was conducted by CNN IBN interviewer with Sunny Leone, in which she was questioned with some of the hard questions regarding her past porn shootings, Aliya Bhat and Anushka Sharma speaks in favor of her. Although, Sunny defended herself very well in the interview by clearly stating that she is proud of her past profession of porn and that today’s success is highly dependent on it. She was very calm during the interview and  neglected all the regretful comments and accusations by the interviewer.

Sunny is also very busy with the promotion of her new movie MastiZaade in which she was appearing as the exotic character. She was also asked about the rejection of Amir Khan to do a movie with her. She replied calmly and said that she is a die hard fan of Amir and will never hate for him for this.

Aliya Bhat and Anushka Sharma strongly condemned the interview as both were taking the side of Sunny Leone. According to them, the questions were harsh and engineered to degrade the super new hottie of the Bollywood. They further said that the reporters should not cross their limit and try to enter the personal boundary.