Apple iphone 7

Every one knows that the iPhone 7 is set to release soon. And everyone awaits what this new phone has in store for them. Recently a few specs were leaked and predicted the upcoming iPhone 7, but are those rumors going to be true?! Lets see how many of our previous estimations turned out to be true , and what this mega phone has in store for us.

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iPhone Date Set for September

As usual, @evleaks (twitter handle) tweeted and confirmed the release date for this super phone to be released on September 16 . As per the history of iPhone releases, it has come to our notice that Apple most certainly does love Wednesdays and without a doubt September 16 is going to be a mega awesome event for iPhone users all over the world. According to the rumors and predictions, Apple will officially announce the release of their phone on the September 7th and will start taking pre-orders for the iPhone 7 from September 9th and onwards.

Leaked iPhone 7 Specs

So lets discuss what has this iPhone in store for us and how is it going to be breaking boundaries this year! Just when we thought all had been leaked and we knew all the specifications for the latest iPhone, some mind blowing  major hardware changes in this phone were brought to light.

One of YouTube’s very popular channel, the Unbox Therapy just disclosed to its 5 Million subscribers the major dates for the upcoming iPhone 7 plus which is rumored to be called as the iPhone 7 PRO. This phone shall maintain its 5.5 inch screen , the new changes include a radical dual lens camera, a headphone jack, twin external speakers and a Smart Connector.

More Spec Unveiling of iPhone 7

Yet again , a few rumors which we cannot confirm is that most probably the new iPhone 7 Plus will be launching its new shade of Blue. Also apart from this a digital vernier calliper was used and the slimness of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus was measured and compared by the host of Unbox Therapy Lewis Hilsenteger. As per his measurements, the new iPhone 7 Plus was measured to be a tad bit slimmer than the current iPhone 6S Plus. With a difference of 7.14mm to 7.18mm, this can both be within a margin of error in the vernier calipers so this is one news we can ignore for now. Also Besound, a wireless head phone developer will be doing the chassis of this much awaited latest phone.

iPhone 7 Plus is going to be hitting some skyrocketing sales for many and is a phone with a crazy fan following so honestly trying to keep it a secret as to what Apple will be launching for its new phone is nearly impossible. With its release in September we have got to have our fingers crossed!