Apple Requires A Revolutionary Device Otherwise, The Alphabet will Overcome

Apple is considered as the most valuable and the most creative company of the world, providing exquisite and intimidating devices to the consumers. Currently, Apple has the privilege to be the tech giant of the industry, but now other names are also anxious to be replaced as the king of the Leaderboard. One of the prominent names is the Alphabet company which was just commencing by Google. The time is near for the Apple to lose its shine until they manage to develop a new dynamic and exciting device. The competition has reached to its highest point and Apple needs another Steve Jobs alike strategist who will revolutionize the company again.

Alphabet company has the total equity value more than $500 billion, which is only $60 billion short of Apple. Investors are relating the Apple stock with the other old tech companies like Cisco and Oracle and putting it with them as Apple is gradually depreciating its creativity and innovation. They certainly need a new thinking and obviously a new dashing device. The fans are all bored with the same iPhones, iPads, and MacBook, they need something new to re-classify Apple as being the most authentic company in the world.