Apple’s iPhone 7 in Demand 1

Apple’s iPhone 7 in Demand

Apple’s stock prices fell by 25% in May 2015 owing to forecasted decline in iPhone sales. Analyst believe that the sales will further decline after the release of iPhone 7.

Apple is using product signaling in the new model which has been previously been used in iPods. Earlier ear phones used to be black but with the new model, white ear phones were introduced. People buying the product felt joining a new elite club. Having the old black colored ear phones signalled one not having the latest model.

Apple’s iPhone 7 in Demand..!!

Another example of Apple’s product signalling are the Gold iPhone 5S and super sized iPhone 6 Plus. With their different size and color, they made there present felt by announcing that the person has got the latest phone.

If Apple uses the same product signalling technique in iPhone 7 then people will always keep their latest phone in sight to make a statement.