Are Changes in GCSE Exams, Compatible For the Student!

There have been some vital changes made by the Department of Education in the paper pattern and the exam structure of GCSE. This is the exam that every child between 14-16 has to be appeared before entering into the A-Levels regime. It is the popular examination system of England and these decisions were made in the year 2013. The students appearing in the summer of 2017 examination will have to confront these changes. All the students are already sent the notification and all the preparations have been done. But the real question is that whether it will be compatible to the new millennial students.

These changes are not taken lightly as there have been several people criticizing them. Amongst these people is the editor of the educational newspaper, Laura McInerney. According to her, these changes will have the drastic effect on the students and the parents are already facing problems regarding these changes. She recommends to change mildly not radically, which will provide an opportunity to the students to cope gradually. She also mentioned the catastrophe associated with such change in the educational system and strongly criticized it due to such dramatic changes.

Are Changes in GCSE Exams, Compatible For the Students!

These changes include the new grading system as the conventional system of A to G will be replaced by the new numerical system. It will be similar to the IELTS rate bands as 9 being superior while 1 is the minimum level. There will be no F for flunking the exam instead U will be assigned to such students.

McInerney strictly criticized this new grading system by saying that the judgment of student’s performance will more confusing and subjective for the future universities.

According to the new regime, the course content will be more challenging for the students and it will require more effort and competency to achieve good grades.