Army Chief and Prime Minister Returns From Madinah1

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and army chief were invited by Saudi Arab for the meeting. In the meeting they have discussed about the unity of the two nations and for the unity of the forces of all the Islamic country. They wanted to unite against the terrorism among the nations.

Army Chief and Prime Minister Returns From Madinah

Saudi Arab has requested Raheel Sharif to lead the forces of the nation, after his retirement from the Pakistan army. After the meeting Army Chief and Prime Minister has visited Madinah and has gone to the Roza e Rasool of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and have prayed Nawafil in the Masjid e Nabawi and has made Dua for the betterment of Pakistan. They were guided by the Madinah governor Abdul Mohsin till the departure. Prime minister has said that this visit to the Saudi Arab was successful and they have talked about many issues and have planned to solve them all.