Army has the upper hand says sheikh Rasheed

Awami Muslim league leader Sheikh Rasheed has given his words regarding Pervez Musharraf that army is supporting former president he is going abroad for treatment. Army will not tolerate his political side but will support him because he was a former army chief of Pakistan’s army.

He said that he is still with his words that revolution is coming in the politics of the country; he said one thing I want to state, if Sharif brother will not feel it that Musharraf’s Q league is no more but the league of Zia ul haq is still working and running the country.

Sheikh Rasheed said that president ship is not a bad policy but in Pakistan all systems have been challenged but the basic problem is in judicial level when a corrupt person is not punished for it.

He also criticized on statement of bilawal Bhutto, bilawal said come and work for the betterment of the country, on this statement sheikh Rasheed said that they are the one who put this country to decline, they are responsible for it.

He said that politics in Pakistan are done by America, musad and British as they are funding Pakistani politicians to do their work in Pakistan.