Pak Army is Making Their Move in Punjab

Yesterday after the dreadful incident in Lahore in which many of the citizens have lost their lives, military is now in action. Military has ordered to do operation in Lahore to find and eliminate those brutal who never thought once before bombing the crowd.

The decision was taken in the high order meeting conducted by army chief Raheel Sharif at general headquarters. He has given orders to investigate the case and every possible suspect to increase the raids. Paramilitary rangers will start working as they were working in Karachi for more than two years, but to operate in Lahore there are some issues but government and army are making their effort to increase the security in Lahore. The plan has yet to be set for the operation. Director general inter services public relations Lt general Asim Bajwa has said that many suspects have been captured since the attack and they are working on the plan to operate in Lahore.