Artificial Shortage of Gas, Dr. Asim’s Corruption of 450 Billion Disclosed.

Karachi; Dr. Asim’s 450 billion to corruption revealed. NAB reports, Dr. Asim through the artificial gas shortage caused a loss of 450 billion to the national treasury, while rose the fertilizer costs from 850 to 1530 rupees and received kickbacks.

According to a private channel, NAB presented corruption report in the court against PPP’s most powerful minister, Asim Hussain. According to the report, minister caused a loss of 450 billion to the national treasury. Due to this, there was a decrease in the production of fertilizers too and their prices rose.

No only this, he also received commission on fertilizers through black marketing. NAB stated, In the name of trust, Asim committed fraud with people and made illegal assets. Former Director Land grabbing, Masood Haider was also accused in investigation while Stock Exchange and Pakistan Security Exchange record related to Dr. Asim’s corruption case was sealed.