Whether you own an Android or an Iphone, Photo App Prisma has received the attention of millions of people around the world. Do you wish to give the same artistic effects to a video? If yes, then try this new app “Artisto-Art Video Editor”.

Artisto has the same features as Prisma, the only difference is that Artisto is an app designed for video editing.
Either you make a new video or choose one from your files, all you have to do is wait a few seconds till the app gives your video the same effects like the work of the famous artist Picasso.

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Artisto App

Artisto has been designed by a Russian technology Company “Mail.ru” which was launched through an American website “my.com” ; a web that is known for having such kind of Apps and games.

However, filters are limited for the users and there are a few drawbacks as of now in the usage of this App.
While applying some of these filters, the main problem is that it doesn’t just take a few seconds but a little more longer, but it will get better with a new updated version.

The video gives outstanding results after it has been edited through this App.

As per the company’s statement, this App has been designed and launched within eight days and neural networks have been used for this app which is being widely accepted , and this way, this app is being introduced all around.

Currently, this app isn’t available for Android users, but it will be, within a few days, along with its availability for people living in every corner of the world.