Assurances Submitted on the Safety of Pakistani Team

Past news were surrounding around regarding the safety of Pakistani Cricket team as they went to India for the T20 World Cup. There were some huge security concerns after the controversial and hateful statements given by some of the prominent Indian Politician. After those statements Pakistan Government postponed the departure of the cricket team to India. Fans were anxious to know the decision as they were looking forward to see Pakistan in the World Cup. Now, Pakistani Team have arrived the Indian soil after some authentic and strong confirmation given by the Indian Government and ICC. Following are some of the progressive news that led to the agreement between the two countries.

PCB had arranged the meeting to discuss the security situation and the written assurances given by the Indian Government. Although, the board had already known that the final decision would be taken by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. At that time the PM was in the Saudi Arabia.

According to the positive statement given by the Home Minister of India, in which he clearly in favor of providing the security to Pakistani Team. He gave a very diplomatic statement in which he generally tackles the situation and said that anyone visiting the country would be accompanied with the appropriate security.

Interior Minister of Pakistan was highly concerned about the security of the cricket team as according the statement by the Indian Politicians were too specific and particular to the Pakistani Team. He demanded the India Government to take this issue seriously as it is the matter of life and death. His intention was clear that is to eradicate such terror regime.

One of the prominent changes happened included the shift of the venue of the fixture between India and Pakistan. Pakistan requested this change and it was approved due to the hateful speeches made by the local representative of that area. On March 19th, the match between the two rivals was scheduled to be at Dhramsala but now it is going to held at Kolkata. Pakistan will play the first fixture on March 16.

Chairman of PCB, Mr. Shahryar was quite positive about the issue as he told the media that the board has the positive intention to visit India and they are waiting for the green single from the Pakistan Government. This attitude immensely helped the issue to resolve and persuade the government to allow the team to go.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson of India also made a very strong and potential statement regarding this issue. He said that the India has always provided the optimal security to its foreign players visiting the country. He also predicted that the tournament will be huge hit and fans around the world including the local fans, will enjoy it.

A meeting between the Pakistan High Commission and the Indian External Affairs Ministry had been held. This meeting had an immense effect on the issue. After that meeting, Pakistan allowed its team to visit India as the Ministry assured them that the extra measures will be taken.