Astonishing Speed of free public Wi-Fi in New York

Free Wi-Fi is always appreciated but with the speed of more than 300mbps is quite beyond the description. LinkNYC hubs in the New York City provides the free Wi-Fi to the public with a whoping speed of 300Mbps. Not just that, it also provides the additional free features for the emergencies as well like the battery charge. The preparation was being made from the last month and the hubs were installed. There were around thousands of such hubs in the different areas of the city.

This project has been initiated to replace the phone booths that are completely outdated. These hubs will provide an extremely fast internet reaching to the speed of 300 Mbps. Wi-Fi access will be around 802.11ac, which will 100 times faster than the previous public connections. There are two charging ports for the phones to use it in the emergencies. Another feature of this hub is the free phone calls within the US. This was achieved through the partnership with Vonage.

The experiment of this hub has proven to be very successful as people love this. The expenditure of this hub is covered through the advertisement that is being displayed through a 55-inch touch screen.