Ayesha Omer makes first public appearance after her accident.

VJ turned actress Ayesha Omar made her first public appearance after her accident at the premiere of Pakistani film Ho Mann Jahan in Karachi today. Ayesha had been severely wounded along with her colleague Azfar Rehman in a road accident only two weeks ago while travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad for an advertisement shoot. Both sustained heavy injuries and were admitted to the hospital, but were released soon after.

Ayesha Omer Makes First Public Appearance After Accident

This appearance was Ayesha’s first after her accident. While she was dressed in her best, her cast and arm sling were clearly visible. Later in an Instagram video, Ayesha praised the efforts of all involved in the film Ho Mann Jahan and wished the film and its makers success. It should be pointed out that Ayesha is still unable to work after her accident, and doctors estimate that it will take her approximately six months before she is fully recovered.