With Eid ul Adha right around the corner and preparations for the awaited occasion in their full swing it is very much evident how much forward Muslims look forward to this festival and how much stressed they are to get hold of the best animal they can through Cow Mandi 2016.

Bakra Mandi 2016 Latest

The main concept of Eid ul Azha is for the rich to sacrifice animals in the name of Allah Almighty according to what their pocket allows and distribute it among the poor people of the society.

Eid ul Adha is a Muslim festival that is celebrated because as per Muslim scriptures the Prophet Abraham accepted Allah’s commands and was ready to sacrifice the thing that was most dear to him- his son Hazrat Ismail. Allah saw the purity and passion in his intention and action and just when he was going to bring the knife to his sons throat , Allah Almighty ordered his angels to go swap Hazrat Ismail with a lamb and rewarded him with His blessings for the will he had.

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Bakra Mandi 2016

To date this Muslim festival is celebrated each year in remembrance of this remarkable incidence. According to the Lunar Calendar this festival happens to be on the 10th of Zil Hajj and lasts for three consecutive days.

In this article we will brief you on Cow & Bakra Mandi 2016 and provide you with a platform to get a collective information on what animal to sacrifice this Eid ul Azha.

With Eid ul Azha just a few days away regular visits to Bakra & Cow Mandi 2016 have been started. The men of the family all take out time from their busy schedule and visit Bakra & Cow Mandi 2016. Bakra & Cow Mandi provides people with a whole market where business thrives in its glory. Cattle herder who take care of their animals all year long and breed them come from far flung areas and villages and gather at Bakra Mandi 2016.

The buyer go through market to see what catches their eye according to their pocket. These animals after being chosen are then checked to see if they fit the healthy criteria. You can buy all kinds of cows, dumba, camel, sheep, goat etc according to what your pocket allows. Obviously this gives a chance for the rich to brag their bigger animals and the middle class just get done with their duty.

Cow Mandi 2016

Many games yearly also take place in these Cow Mandis. Different owners make their cows compete each other over a variety of things.

Catwalk In Surmawala Cattle Farm 2016


 A few Cow Mandis in Pakistan include:

  1. Super Highway Gai Mandi.
  2. Dilpasand Cattle Farm
  3. Surmawala Cattle Farm,
  4. Shah Cattle farm, Lasania Cattle Farm, Afridi Cattle Farm & other/.
  5. Sohrab Goth Cow mandi
  6. h.a. phase 7 extension Cow Mandi
  7. Bi Lahore Shah Pur Kanjra Mandi
  8. Surmawala Cattle Farm
  9. Shah Cattle Farm
  10. Rabbani Cattle Farm
  11. Surti Cattle Farm
  12. Afridi Cattle Farm
  13. Jinnah Cattle Farm

Bakra Mandi Pakistan Administration has been visiting different Cow Mandis since 2011 and every year they record different statistics related to the Pakistani Bakra Mandi business and slaughtering trends.

The biggest recorded Qurbani Bull sold was in Lahore’s Bakra Mandi by Faisal Cattle Farm which demanded a whooping 12 Lac Rupees.

Just before you go to the Mandi a safe option would be to do your little research before you do consider visiting any of the Cow Mandi 2016 so that you know approximately what you would get for how much.

  1. Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Small – Rs. 25,000, 23 KG
  2. Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Medium – Rs. 33,000, 28 KG
  3. Bakra/Dumba/Chatra Large – Rs. 45,000, 41 KG
  4. Cow or Bull Complete – Rs. 66,500
  5. Cow or Bull Participation – Rs. 9,500
  6. Camel Complete – Rs. 168,000
  7. Camel Participation – Rs. 24,000

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned above are subjected to change depending up on the seller and/or buyers demand..