Ban on Media Coverage of Mumtaz Qadri’s Funeral

Mumtaz Qadri killed the governor of Punjab Salman Taseer who opposed the law of blasphemy. Mumtaz Qadri was a security guard of Salman taseer and put his gun on Salman taseer after he opposed the law of blasphemy. Mumtaz qadri appealed in the Supreme Court but the petition was dismissed by the court and court ordered his execution on 1 March 2016. Mumtaz Qadri ’s funeral has taken place in Rawalpindi and liaqatabd road has been blocked and many of the protestor and supporters of Mumtaz Qadri has attended his funeral. Many supporters threw flowers on the casket of Mumtaz Qadri.

Funeral of Mumtaz Qadri

Media and their employee were beaten by sticks by the supporters and protestor as they were not covering many areas of the funeral. They also attacked media vans and damage the media stuff parked nearby.

Security was tight in the building and the area around the liaqatabad road and many policemen were present along the funeral.

Social media has also spoken about the Mumtaz Qadri either in favor or in against him and twitter was flourishing the most in between them.

Information minister Pervez Rashid was targeted by supporters at Karachi airport as they threw a shoe on him and he was escorted by security men.