Bilawal Bhutto Criticized Prime Minister in his Speech

Chairperson of PPPP talked to the people of Sukkar in a rally on this Monday. He was very angry on the government for giving a green signal to Pervez Musharraf to leave the country.

Pervez Musharraf was actually being involved in some trials and cases. One charge was kind of a serious accusation of treason. Despite of these serious crimes, he was let go to Dubai on March 18. According to Bhutto, government was involved in to put off the name of Musharraf from the Exit Control List. Although, the orders were issued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto raised some serious question for the government in relation to the release of Pervez Musharraf. He said that the man responsible for his mother’s murder is freed by the government. He also mentioned the trial of Article 6 of the Constitution and raised a question that why Musharraf was let go despite of the fact that he was being trialed for Article 6 of Constitution. He said that there are double standards of the judiciary as Bhutto was hanged while Musharraf was let go easily.

He also criticized the policies of Muslim League N that led to the heavy debt on the country.