Black Friday 2016 in Pakistan

Black Friday 2016: The end of the year 2016 is nigh upon the world and with that arises the excitement of shoppers from all walks of life – for the Black Friday is about to go live. Unlike other events that relate to some sort of remembrance, celebration or ritual of something memorable that happened in the past, Black Friday is based upon the future and its intricate connection to the online shopping industry of the entire world. It is surprising that such an event can be of more importance to people and the general public, but it’s because of what Black Friday offers to each and every one who has either contributed or participated in it… and it looks like this year is no different as the Black Friday 2016 is rolling up in a month or so.

For those living under a rock or that do not have sufficient information regarding this huge mega Black Friday event, let’s take the full and deep analysis of this from all over the world to its arrival in Pakistan.

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1. What is Black Friday?

Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016What is Black Friday, you ask?! Black Friday is the best shopping extravaganza that comes about once a year as people plan out their entire strategy to grab as many of the amazing shopping Black Friday deals. It is the time when the entire world is out on a crazy shopping spree as every shop and store sets up the absolute beast Black Friday sales of the year. With the rising amount of participants who are adamant on taking the biggest advantage from Black Friday, that has greatly upped the ante for a shopping firestorm. Thus, this incredible event has it all and everything that can be dreamed or wished for – and all of it and top mind boggling discounts, or better – even Free. So if you were ignorant before and not at all excited at this time of the year….well then, now you should be and start gathering more info about Black Friday as quick as you can.

In which case, read on…

2. When is Black Friday 2016?

When is Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016: If you are not aware of what the phrase ‘end of the year’ then we have the answer in more simpler and direct terms.  Because that’s the question, isn’t it?

  • When is Black Friday?
  • What’s the Black Friday date?

Most are wise enough to ask this question to ensure that they are ready, willing and able to meet their shopping goals on that ultimate day. Based on past Black Friday dates, it’s not always a fine line as to the exact date – but we have it for you. The end of November, that is the last week of that month has always been the one in which Black Friday is held. Previously, those dates have gone from 24th to even 27th, usually launched on Thursday being the favorite day for Black Friday sales launch. But Black Friday 2016 is going to be held on 25th of November – so tick that date on your calendars, everybody for that day is coming up pretty soon so you need to start planning.

3. History of Black Friday


Black Friday 2016: Most people think that Black Friday deals and discount event started just a few years ago, probably at the start year 2000 and has continued ever since. Ow very wrong and fabricated that information is… in fact, Black Friday actually originated in the early 1930’s or even before that. It was and is considered the start of the main Christmas shopping event where shoppers either start their Christmas shopping or they are just given a taste of the amazing deals, sales and discounts that are on display on Black Friday. Thanksgiving Day is also a very important aspect of this event as it is a holiday that fells at the end of November that is known to have boosted the shopping customers to a wide margin. Holidays and shopping make the entire last week of November quite interesting as the shopping spree is out in full force.

As the manner of this type of shopping event has gone on for many years, it was actually in 2005 that with the birth of eCommerce and it boost in the industry that they capped this event as Black Friday, thus allowing brands and shopping stores to make best Black Friday deals of the year.

4. Black Friday Goes International


Black Friday 2016: The popularity of the Black Friday shopping bonanza has spread like wildfire around the world ever since 2005. With major e commerce stores making their stand in the United States, they were able to garner much support for a simple online shopping and delivery sales with mega discounts. The successful result and the combination of new online technology put into the mix did very well in that time of year and only boosted the profits of companies, shops and online stores with every passing year. Making it big in the United States allowed for a major expansion to other countries and share the experience of Black Friday with them tenfold. After United States, United Kingdom got a little taste of the event and by the time 2015 came about made some remarkable success in their shopping businesses.

As eCommerce was firstly an initial idea to boost Black Friday sales, it has actually become a major cornerstone for the event. Stores like Amazon have benefited hugely from it and have even gone to the point of conducting their Black Friday sales in various countries, including India. The promotion of Black Friday in the county grew after 2011 and 2012. It also gave rise to ecommerce stores and online shopping sites that were only a handful a few years back. Now, with more than 350 e commerce ventures standing in the country and promoting products, items and brands that are immaculate in their making and standard, it has made Black Friday successful there as well.

Keep in mind that Black Friday is not only know due to the offer of great product and gadgets, it is also the reduction of prices to a great deal on said products that are expensive all throughout the year. Let’s check out some of them:

  • 32-inch TCL Roku Smart TV

Televisions and Smart TV’s were the biggest shopping product in past Black Friday sales all over the world. Companies like Amazon, Target and Wallmart all took it into stride offering the biggest and best of television sets for people to buy. Amongst them, the 32 inch size was immensely popular and the TCL Roku Smart TV was a huge sell by Amazon. The TV set had good screen size, high 720p resolution and a special buying price of $125. Even other 42 and 60 inch sets were sold at some seriously low prices which had customer clamoring over each other to take the bait.


  • Kindle Fire – Tablet & Accessories

The kindle reading tablet was the best tech related item offered on Black Friday. The significant price cut on Kindle tablets was imminent of the fact that there was a huge portion of the shoppers that were genuinely interested in the tablets. So much so, that they were offered at an astounding rate of 50% discount for all Kindle Fire tablets and their respective accessories. E books and E- readers took advantage of this offer and sent the sales of tablets rising as a result.


  • Apple – iPhones & iPads

If it’s got Apple written on it, then someone’s going to buy it!! Apple iPhones and iPads were either sold on a major discount price or had gift cards and vouchers attached to them which boosted their sales a great deal. In 2014, Walmart offered the iPhone 5c with a $50 discount and has even set the iPad Air series with up to a $100 off. Target offered $200-$250 gift cards to customers for buying the Apple branded products and fend off their craze for buying once and for all.


  • Xbox One & 360 Consoles

Gaming consoles vent their competitive anger towards each other by offering gigantic discounts and offering them at almost half their original price on Black Friday. In 2013, Microsoft won the war between them and Sony by getting the biggest share from their XBox One and their previous Xbox 360 console, leaving the sales of PlayStation 3 & 4 behind by a wide margin.


5. Black Friday 2015 in Pakistan


Black Friday 2016: It was only time before Black Friday made that transition from major countries like UK, Canada, Mexico, France, and India to Pakistan. Just introduced and implemented in 2015 in the country showed its mega potential and the eCommerce industry, which was already rampant in the country, got a major boost by setting up the event. Based on such remarkable reaction and awareness from the customers, the interest of Pakistanis for online shopping has developed as if they were waiting for such an even to come to their country. Come it did, and with it huge success for eCommerce and retailers across the country.

Now, Pakistanis are looking for a much bigger impact than that laid out in 2015 and are gearing up for Black Friday 2016. Shopping stores have already seen a massive growth in online shopping with the recent Great Online Shopping Festival. Now, they are looking for three times the success that they got in 2015.

6. Black Friday vs White Friday


Even though Black Friday did very well in 2015, there was certainly an anger and outburst about the whole notion of Friday being ‘black’. Some shopping stores also went in on that and tried to redirect customers towards them by going for a White Friday event instead of Black Friday. There was a certain amount of confusion last year due to this in the country but in the end it was understood that the name had no apparent meaning and that it was being misunderstood into thinking it was somehow defaming Friday, a blissful day of prayer in the Muslim community.

Also, it showed the power of Black Friday thus setting the pace for how things will be set next year with only one name instead of multiple and those stores can all hype there discounted products based on one singular event.

7. Black Friday Deals & Discounted Products in Pakistan


Black Friday 2015 brought a massive amount of discounted offers to Pakistani customers that made the, realize the nature and intention of this great mega event. Deals were not just being made on simple every day products; they were done so based on customer wants, needs and the possibility of them being highly valued brands. Let’s check out the level of discounts and products that were on sale and that did really well on Black Friday in Pakistan. Black Friday 2016:

  • Smartphones – Infinix Hot Pro

Infinix was initially a new brand back then in the smartphone industry but its smartphones had exceptional potential and quickly grabbed the spotlight. Pakistanis are avid smartphone lovers and the Infinix Hot Pro was a big part of the Black Friday with 28% off by the actual price.


  • Samsung 24 Inch HD LED TV

Pakistanis covet Samsung tech gadgets and products which is why the 24 inch high definition LED television set was a massive success. The high quality display of the TV set gave it thumbs up by the Black Friday shoppers who were whipping up these sets due to 23% off at the event – pity it couldn’t be 24% off.


  • Cameras – Canon DSLR

The high resolution picture taking DSLR camera from Canon is quite popular among the youth population of Pakistan. In 2015, the latest Canon camera got a massive discount shifting the price from Rs. 141,060 to a surprising Rs. 130,581. This gave the youth of Pakistan the opportunity to use this new camera and experience its great imaging quality and high performance features.


  • Game Console – Play Station 4

The gaming community is pretty active in Pakistan with latest consoles and video games taking the front line. The Play Station 4 gaming console got a major discount of 23% and more as part of the Black Friday sales. The deal was an irresistible one and was a ‘not to be missed’ and rare opportunity for gamers in Pakistan.


8. Trending Products for Building Black Friday 2016 Hype


Black Friday is about to commence on 25th November, 2016 and could also lead to a three day weekend extravaganza. Shopping stores are already contemplating the best brands and products that customers are more likely to buy. It is, however, apparent that the latest and trending clothing items and tech gadgets will be on the wish list for most buyers and shoppers. The bigger the brand, bigger the discounts should be made to oust the shoppers into action. Here are some items that would definitely interest shoppers on Black Friday 2016.

  • Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has just been released in September with some amazing new features and specifications that will thrill the iPhone s users in Pakistan. One slight complain of majority of iPhone lovers is their inability to buy them based on such high price. Black Friday can be the perfect time for customers would like to buy their iPhone 7 which is why a 50% discount is a must on Apple iPhone 7 – and the Special Edition as well.


  • Selfie Sticks

The selfie craze is visible among the female shoppers in Pakistan and that is why the selfie stick should either be sold at a good discount or just be offered with smartphones as an additional gift. Selfie sticks and smartphone holders were among the top products that are easily sold out which shows their popularity among the young shoppers.


  • PS4 Pro Gaming Console

Gamers are already planning to save their money for the upcoming Black Friday to take advantage of buying gaming consoles and even video games that actually range from Rs. 5000-1000. The Play Station Pro has just been announced by Soy and it would be a feather in any online store’s cap to showcase that as part of the Black Friday deals.


  • VR Head Sets

Console and smartphone games are at a high in Pakistan but the VR technology headsets are getting popular amongst gamers. So far, everyone desires the virtual reality experience in Pakistan and these headsets will be a sure sell out at Black Friday.


  • Racer Bikes

Kids and teenagers alike have a thing for racing bikes … in the like even that online shopping stores put some great bikes on their sites along with a mega discounts, it would greatly appeal to the shoppers who are looking for some adventure to go with their shopping.


9. Black Friday 2016 – Coming Soon


The event is coming … keep up to date with the latest news on Black Friday and the deals and discounts by checking up on PakeNews.