Chris Gayle Flooded by Sexism Allegations

Chris Gayle’s attempts to flirt with Australian reporter on live TV have landed him in hot water as many other women have come up with accusations regarding his attitude towards women.

The West Indian cricketer was fined USD7,000 for his comments towards Australian reporter Mel McLaughline, and many female journalists began to speak up against him.

Gayle has extended an apology and tried to explain that he had only said it in joke.

The team he plays for, the Melbourne Renegades, has ignored calls for sterner action and said that Chris would be a part of the next game.

Fox Sports reporter Neroli Meadows has come out and called Gayle a “creep” who often indulged in such behavior. According to Meadows, Gayle has come out on television to tell her that she had a pretty face. Similarly according to Nine News reporter Yvonne Sampson, Gayle had asked her out on a date via Twitter. She mentioned that Gayle was very famous as a womanizer, even though she did not like the word herself, but there was no other way to describe it.

McLaughlin had been asked out by a date after she interviewed Gayle after the match in which he blasted 41 runs from 15 balls.