Coke Studio for the Deaf

Coke Studio for the Deaf 2016

Coke Studio for the Deaf: Music can be defined an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

The world is filled with beauty scattered with striking magnificence in every inch of its being. Different species of birds chirping in their distinct voices , the the rainbow across the fresh blue sky , different kinds of faces belonging to different races etc and what not. Nature and Music celebrate life. Thus every individual has the right to enjoy all that life offers them.

Coke Studio as usual has created a revolution in the music industry of Pakistan by breathing life into our old folk lores , music , pop music etc. It is the reason our music industry has revived again and it has given a grand platform for musicians of Pakistan to experiment with music through their creative and innovative talent and ideas. Coke Studio is the reason that has bought this country and the people across the border closer for the sake of their love of music.

Unfortunately, some people are not blessed with all the senses that can enable them to enjoy what life has to offer. This time Coke Studio has yet again proved to be one of a kind and has leaped forward with an extraordinary development. With the upcoming season 9 already in production , Coke Studio hasn’t failed to surprise us yet again. Coke Studio is hitting the charts with its target audience who may have special needs and are unable to enjoy the beauty of life and art. Pakistan’s greatest music stage, Coca-Cola Pakistan has made a special music experience for the Deaf Community of Pakistan. Moving forward with studios logic of exclusivity and innovation, Coke Studio for the Deaf empowers individuals with almost no listening or some for  of hearing impaired to get the essential experience of music , which many would actually consider to be unbelievable, but for Coke Studio it is a milestone achieved.


Coke Studio & Deaf Reach School Partnership

How has Coke Studio been able to approach the deaf audience and allowed them to enjoy that they seemingly thought they could never be a part of? At the heart of the Coke Studio’s set-up these deaf individuals are empowered by being able to listen , feel and experience the power of music through an exceptional couch or lounge chair inserted with several vibration motors and LED lights that are matched with the sound of the melody being played. A great LED system around the lounge chair gives a synchronized state of mind lighting to lift the experience even visually. At the far end, an LED screen before the couch showed the video playback, while the studio is propped with guitars on stands, a drum unit and a console on a stand adding to the general environment.

The setup was first invented in China, was initially tried out by the Coca-Cola brand group not long ago when it was introduced in Bangkok. A gathering of 8 subjects and staff of the Deaf Reach School were taken to Bangkok to experiment with this new technology. Their experience was completely astounding, with the gathering individuals really experiencing Coke Studio for the first time in their lives! In light of this incredible achievement, Coca-Cola Pakistan chose to obtain the framework for it’s  long haul use in Pakistan, with a dream to empower more individuals from the Deaf Community to likewise encounter the same quality of music.

Coke Studio seasson 9

Coke Studio Season 9 On the Way

Coke Studio has kept on inspiring us with new surprises it throws each season , and this season we cannot wait to experience the overwhelming response the deaf audience is about to be blown away with. As usual Season 9 of Coke Studio  will prove to be greater and bolder as ever before and it is expected to launch toward the beginning of August. It will include both already established musicians and numerous gifted amateurs, for whom Coke Studio guarantees to be a platform to hone their skills for the future, as it has been for others before them in the previous 8 seasons.