College Considering Termination of Christian Hijab-Wearing Professor1

In a statement, evangelical Christian university Wheaton College, has announced that it would be moving towards firing a professor who had made a public Facebook post about Christians and Muslims believing and worship-ping the same God.

The professor in question, Dr. Larycia Hawkins had written in the Facebook post that she would be expressing solidarity with Muslims in the days before Christmas by wearing the hijab. She concluded her post by mentioning that worshippers of the two religions actually believed in the same God.

After huge backlash following this comment, Hawkins was asked to go on leave. On Tuesday, the school issued a statement according to which Wheaton’s provost was recommending that Hawkins be terminated to President Philip Ryken.

According to the statement, the notice was an outcome of the impasse between the parties. It added that Dr. Hawkins was not willing to engage in dialog regarding her statements. The school has clarified that Hawkins was not disciplined before she had worn a hijab. Rather, action had been taken against her because she had made statements that were against Wheaton College’s policy.

The Board of Trustees of the College is yet to make a final statement regarding the status of Hawkins’ employment.