COLORS have removed all the shows from YouTube.

Kapil Sharma has become very famous because of his comedy show on Colors channel named as comedy nights with Kapil. This show has become very popular among children and adults, as this was the only comedy show that whole family can enjoy.

After argument of Kapil with colors, Kapil has left the channel along with his team members and now launching a new show named as the Kapil show on SONY TV. Kapil said that, he felt really bad when Colors has removed all the shows from the YouTube; he added that this show has become the great show and people will remember it. He also said that people wanted to see it again and again but the channel has removed it from you tube.

He said that arguments are the part of life, even some time occurs in very close family among brother or sister but they meet up again and doesn’t delete them from the lives of each other.

Kapil has tweeted about his new show that, he loves you all and has now returned to home after a tiring day, but I’m looking forward for my new show and wanted prayers from all of you.