Consequences of the Construction of Korangi Crossing Flyover

As the construction of the Korangi Crossing Flyover instigated, there has to be some consequences that the people have to bear. People are stuck in the traffic jams as the connecting road is now closed. People always suffer from such kind of construction as there is no alternative plan to tackle this.

The main road at the intersection of the Indus Hospital Intersection has been shut down. The road was mainly used by the teachers and the students of the Institute of Business Administration (IoBM).

Although, there were some plans constructed by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation to divert the traffic and the alternative plans were presented. But these plans were seeming to be ineffective as the severe traffic jams were experienced by the students and the other people.

According to a student of the university, they are worried about getting late for their classes as the alternative routes have the severe traffic jams. People are in the confusion regarding the completion of the project as they aren’t seeing any official statement. KMC spokesperson assured that in the coming days, they will issue the date of completion of the project. Although, Construction Company has given the 10-month period for the project to complete and finalize.