Consistent Win for Makhdooms, NA-218by-Elections

Makhdooms has won the seat in the By-elections of the NA-218, maintaining a consistent result as they won it 13 consecutive times. This seat was vacant as the late Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian’ chairman Makhdoom Amin Fahim passed away in this November.

This time also, the family of Makhdoom has not left the seat and won it with quite a margin. They are quite popular amongst the people as the late Makhdoom made efforts to improve the lifestyle of Matiari.

The turnout of the constituency was low as 30%. Brother of late Amin was contesting the election as he was also associated with the PPP, Makhdoom Saeed-Uz-Zaman. He won the election by getting a potential lead from the other candidates.

PPP Makhdoom Saeed uz Zaman won the NA-218 By-elections

The margin of the votes between the winner and the runner up was quite wide as Saeed uz Zaman got the 114,089 votes, while the runner up Farman Shah from Majlis-i-Wahdatul Muslimeen got only 13,929 votes. There were around 263 polling stations polling stations.

While casting the vote, the PPP candidate declared that there is no competition and they will win for sure. Hala is the town that has the origins of Makhdooms. They are the spiritual leaders that has the association with the Sarwari Jamaat.