Karachi Supreme Court Has Rejected the Plea of Rangers

In the recent year ranger have taken all the policing activity in the city of Karachi, to make the city free of terror. The higher court has rejected the plea of rangers to enforce their policing structure in Karachi. And the court has also ordered the government to find the solution instead of giving all the problems to the rangers.

Rangers Wanted their Setup in Sindh:-

Rangers said that they wanted to set up their station in Sindh in order to maintain the law and order and to provide security to the citizen. They have also plea the court about it but the court has rejected their plea. The larger bench said that that wanted the government to find the solution rather then handed over to rangers.

The three member bench which is leaded by Justice Amir Hani muslin and other justice was hearing the Karachi law and also order the Suo Motu case on Thursday.

The high court has resumed the hearing after 20 month and rangers are blaming the provincial government because they are against the power of rangers in the city and rangers blames police because of their false reporting and investigation which leads to the release of 1,100 suspects.