Deepika Padukone has Fallen in Love 7 Times in the Past Eight Years!

Deepika Padukone is counted among one of the top actresses in Bollywood today. She is believed to be a female Midas – whatever she touches turns to gold. Unfortunately, the success that she has seen during the course of her career could not be replicated in her personal life, and she has still not managed to find the one person she can settle down and spend the rest of her life with. According to a report, the actress has fallen in “true” love seven times within the past eight years.

The actress has dated several people, including cricketer Yuvraj Singh, but the affair was short-lived. She has also been involved with industrialist Sidharth Mallya but this too ended in heartbreak. Deepika has also dated actor Ranbir Kapoor, but this too did not last, pushing her into the depths of depression as news surfaced that Ranbir was cheating on her with model turned actress Katrina Kaif. Ranbir is presently living with Katrina Kaif and the two are expected to tie the knot very soon. Deepika is presently involved with actor Ranveer Singh, who himself has a reputation of being a womanizer. How long this affair is going to last is anyone’s guess,