Different Opinions of Sana Mir Regarding Indian Batsmen

Indian cricketers specially batsmen are always admired in Pakistan and they are quite popular for their great knocks in the country. Sana Mir is a captain of Pakistan Women Cricket team and recently shared her opinion regarding the two very famous Indian Batsmen. She said that MS Dhoni is amongst her favorite cricketer but Virat Kohli has something distinctive about him. She said that Virat is actually the hottest guy for Pakistani girls and many female fans are really attracted towards his personality. She labelled Kohli as the Mr. Popular amongst the Pakistani Cricket Women Team.

She also said that Kohli is the most favorite player amongst the Pakistan Women Team. As far as her opinion is considered, she likes MS Dhoni for obvious reasons. According to her, Dhoni handles the on pitch and off pitch situations very well. He doesn’t take pressure and gives his very best in the game.