Drastic change in the Facebook ‘Like’ button, decision announced

Around the world, approximately 1 billion and 6 cores people express their feelings on Facebook, but now the time isn’t far users will be able to express their feelings in a better way since Facebook has finally announced changes to its most famous feature.

Mark Zukerberg announced that very soon ‘Like’ button would be replaced by 6 new “emojis” that Facebook users can add to a post or status of people, to express their feelings better. Whereas Zuckerberg has not announced a specific time about this feature, but he has been trying out this feature in the past 4 months, in different parts of the world including Chile, Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Japan and Colombia. These 6 emojis will express anger, sadness, joy, laughter, love and preferences.

6 emojis

But Zuckerberg says that for the new feature to be available to users around the world, more work is needed and Facebook engineers are doing well.