More than 35 people were injured in a fire in Hotel Address Downtown in Dubai on New Year’s Eve. However a photographer associated with a private newspaper who was stuck in the blazing hotel emerged from the scene unscathed.

Dubai Hotel Fire

In his own words Philippine photojournalist Dennis Bourja experienced a moment in his life that he would never be able to forget. He said that he was stuck on the 48th floor and was left with no option but to pray for a rescue and wait for help. He was busy taking photographs when his roommate screamed out loud and alerted him to the situation. He then gathered his belongings and tried to assess the situation. After a while, he turned around to look for his companion, but he had managed to escape by that time.

Dubai New Year's Eve Hotel Fire

Dennis picked up his belongings and ran towards the balcony, and began to scream and shout for help. After 30 minutes, he was noticed by members of the civil rescue force who managed to rescue him. According to Dennis, these must have been the longest 40 minutes of his life. Surprisingly, despite being in the midst of the blaze, Dennis emerged unscathed from the scene.