Efforts of the PM and Army Chief Against the Saudi-Iran Rift

Pakistan is not the irrelevant party in the Saudi-Iran Conflict as the country has a potential divide over the religious associations with the both countries. Sunnis (particular sect) favors the Saudi Arabia while the Shias favors the Iran. It is important to consider this issue as the two sects are extremely sensitive and the relations between the two aren’t that smooth. There is a visible tension between them and this visit of the PM and Army Chief is seeming to be the right decision.

Foreign Office released a statement saying that the intention of the visit of PM on Monday is to neutralize the tension by talking the conflicts. They also said that the Pakistan has the most consistent relationship with the both states and wants them to be friends with each other working for their common dividends.

The squad of the PM will also travel to the Tehran on Tuesday, in order to hear the other side of the story. This trip has been planned through the perception and the anticipation that the after effects of this serious confliction between Iran and Saudi Arabia will result in a proxy war in Pakistan. This sectarian polarization compelled the Pakistan government to be involved in this serious strife and resolve the issue.