Eid is the most vibrant and exciting festival for Muslims. From waiting in line to get your due Eidi to flaunting what you wore and who wore it is better than savouring the scent of the yummiest Sheer Khorma from your mother’s kitchen. Check out the latest Eid Collection Dresses for 2016 and what essentials your wardrobe needs this Eid ul Fitr. Bear witness to the best showcase of the new Eid Collection 2016 that will give you an insight in to what will be trending in the coming Eid.


The Pakistani Fashion market is surging at high peaks due to the cat and mouse race between different brands, not to mention the rise in markets, styles and the easy availability of fashion outlets at customer’s convenience. For the 21st century woman, fashion has been able to bring in a sense of liberation and empowerment for the average woman which is highlighted in this Eid Collection 2016 and will prove to be even informative, allowing an insight to what is trending in the fashion industry this Summer.


Eid always brings in a sense of joy and belonging because no other festival gives you the thrill of meeting your family and friends. The ladies of the families multitask by cooking the best of the delicacies and dressing up with awesome styles. The kids get to show off the amount of Eidi they got the cutest dresses they got to wear. Because of this, the aura of Eid always brings in a sense of fulfillment, letting you realize that family comes before everything else – and for us ladies. Fashion too!



Latest EID Collection Dresses 2016 For Pakistani Women & Kids

According to our Eid Collection 2016, lengths have been swaying extremely. Pair your perfect kurta with the most flamboyant Tulip Shalwar or a classy Jamawar / cigarette pant. Don’t let anything hold you back, kick in your outfit with the perfect pair of heels and walk with poise and glamour embracing your inner confidence. How to get your hands on the perfect ‘Eid ka jora’? The beauty of the Pakistani fashion market is that we never let go off our roots and know perfectly well how to blend in traditional culture with the modern urban woman.


Check out the nearest fashion store or scroll through your gadgets for some supernacular online stores and let the apprehension sink in. Do not doubt your choice for one second and let the chic lady in your own it! One advice for the Eid ladies; Snazz up the Sass and don’t forget to let our Eid Collection 2016 inspire you and do wonders for your wardrobe.

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